Cassette Deck Nostalgia


Working on a cassette transfer for some of our friends. It’s not very often we get to fire this bad boy up but every time we do it puts a smile on our faces like it’s 1986 again. Mixtape anyone?



Happy new year everyone! What better way to kick off 2017 than with a bang (literally). We’re in the midst of a renovation and we’re excited to welcome some of our closest and most talented engineer-friends. They’ll be pumping out the tunes with us once construction on their new rooms is finished this spring.

Look out…here comes Britney Davis!


Such a pleasure having the winner of CBC’s Song in the Six @BritzDavisMusic in to master her new single Chain Reaction. Feeling the TO pride!

Steph Cameron


Mastering with the oh-so awesome Steph Cameron. Killer mixes on 1/2″ tape + ATR-102 = gooooood times!



Just putting the finishing touches on Age of Everything for our buds from Wildlife. What a huge sounding record…epic tunes that keep you on your toes! Nicely done Gents. Always a blast having you in the studio.

Everything we longed for!

EILF edit

A very special thank you to our pal Hayden for sending along this Certified Canadian Gold copy of Everything I Long For. It was a trip down memory lane and true honour for us to re-master this iconic album for its 20th anniversary. Congratulations Hayden!

In the lab with Dead Tired.

In the studio with Marco from Dead Tired

Having a blast mastering with Marco from Dead Tired! Not a bad way to spend a Friday at all.