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João Carvalho

João began his mastering career in the mid-1990’s while producing records for many of Canada’s groundbreaking artists of the time. In the 90's, it became apparent there was a need for a fresh take on mastering records. With the help of a Red Focusrite equalizer and a cheap tube compressor at his then Umbrella Sound Studios, João set out to introduce “indie style” mastering to Canada. Fast forward to 2003: with a bravado-filled vision fuelled by many loyal friends and some very talented and technically minded colleagues, João Carvalho Mastering opened its doors.

By 2013, João had mastered 2000+ recordings: Rose Cousins (Natural Conclusion 2017 Grammy nominated album), Rush, The Tragically Hip, Max Webster, The Sheepdogs, FUN, Passenger, The Smashing Pumpkins, Ron Sexsmith, Sean Hook, Alt J, Sloan, Death From Above, Lights, BADBADNOTGOOD, River Tiber, Walk Off the Earth, Hayden, Tanya Tagaq, Buffy St. Marie, Mobb Deep, Olivia Newton John, Blue Rodeo, Alexis on Fire, Protest the Hero, The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Grand Analog, Stan Rogers, Charlotte Day Wilson, Chris Hadfield and Dead Tired to name a few.

In 2011, to further his passion for the ultimate in audio production, João partnered with three colleagues and opened the doors to Revolution Recording. This ambitious 3 studio complex now provides the ultimate recording experience for artists making music.

Today, João focuses on continuing to perfect the art of mastering audio, striving to ensure total sonic satisfaction to both himself and to others who choose to listen without compromise.

João lives in Toronto with his family and has a somewhat (un)healthy passion for cars and fine audio equipment.
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Bryan Lowe

Bryan is an integral part of the mastering process as he oversees all sessions from start to finish. He also manages the day to day operations of the studio.

Bryan is also a talented mastering engineer in his own right having mastered many recordings to date including such artists as Tanika Charles (Soul Run - 2016 Juno and Polaris Prize nominated album), July Talk, Shawn Desman, Danny Michel, Retrofile, The Commotions, Avril Victoria, Bobby Jay, Joy Felt Analog, The Pulltops, The Young, Black Paw Society, Closely, Gala, The Frame Defect, All At Sea, Johnny Wore Black, Brown Creeper and Melanie O'Brien.

Over the years Bryan has worked alongside Joao, assisting on hundreds of projects including: Rose Cousins (Natural Conclusion: 2017 Grammy Nominated album), Rush, FUN., The Smashing Pumpkins, Alt-J, Ron Sexsmith, Sloan, The Tragically Hip, Lights, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Alexisonfire, BADBADNOTGOOD, River Tiber, Protest The Hero, DeadTired, Charlotte Day Wilson and The Sheepdogs.

Smashing PumpkinsFreshProtest the HeroBefore Shane Went to BangkokTwiced Removedalt-JBrown CreeperAll the RageThese Electric LivesSaidah Baba TalibahRUSH - R40 LIVETANIKA CHARLES - SOUL RUN
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Brett Zilahi

Brett began his career as a recording engineer at in 1989, working with the likes of Rush, Triumph, Donny Osmond, Sass Jordan and Jeff Healy. He also worked on music for 'Cirque Du Soleil', HBO's "Kids In The Hall," CBC's "The Tommy Hunter Show," and recorded Martin Short's narrations for the movie "Captain Ron".

In 1995, Brett began working on the Canadian mastering scene. Now, after 20 years, his discography includes the award-winning work of Tom Cochrane, Nickelback, Sarah Harmer, David Usher, Rita MacNeil, The Rankins, Sean Paul, Len, Alexisonfire, and City & Colour. Brett was also given the prestigious task of re-mastering such legends as James Brown, Marvin Gaye, The Mamas and the Papas, Squeeze, Funk Brothers and John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers for Universal Music's 20th Century Masters and Gold collections.

In addition to his work on the North American scene, Brett has been sought out by artists from around the globe.

Some of his most recent work includes: Ten Dead Poets(producing), Adrian X --guitarist for Nelly Furtado, Drake, Serena Ryder--, The Cliks, Down With Webster (mastering), and City & Colour Live in Australia (mixing/mastering). Brett is also a talented multi-instrumentalist, with decades of live experience, having performed on projects ranging from rock to house to funk.

His innate knowledge of music, coupled with his understanding of physics and sonic technology (analog and digital), allow him to bring his clients’ projects to their fullest potential.
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Tim Branton

Tim R. Branton grew up next door to Gordon Lightfoot's drummer. His first drum kit, borrowed from his kind neighbour, soon replaced Tim's first instrument, a green plastic pail. Tim's early studies in electrical engineering evolved into a more creative degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University, specializing in advanced audio production.

After graduating, Tim managed Ryerson's School of Radio and Television Arts Audio Library, assisting radio and audio production classes by day, and cutting his teeth in Toronto's booming independent music scene of the early 90's by night. From 1995 to 2003, Tim was the co-owner of Inside Music's Greenpail Studios: a premiere production house and recording facility; with interests expanding into all aspects of the music industry; including development, promotion, marketing and management of up-and-coming acts.

In early 2003, Tim moved his freelance Mastering Engineering services from a small room at Greenpail Studios, over to Canada's first and only world-class Mastering facility, Joao Carvalho Mastering. Tim's technical expertise and "golden ears" have made him the go-to guy for independent mastering in Canada; serving clients from the Yukon to Newfoundland and overseas. Over the years, Tim's discography has expanded to include literally hundreds of recordings from all music genres and styles. Since 2006, Tim has been moonlighting as a Production Labour Supervisor for Snaphoek Staffing; applying his technical know-how to events such as The Juno Awards, The Much Music Video Awards, Cavalia, Cirque Du Soleil, Luminato, Nuit Blanche, among many others.
In his spare time, Tim can be found indulging his new-found passion for wine collecting and, naturally, consumption.
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Charles Carvalho

A true "jack of all trades", Charles "Chuck" Carvalho really has had his hand in most aspects of music production throughout the past few years... and then some! Chuck started as an intern while JCM was under construction. If ever you get the chance to inspect the stunning woodwork staining and varnishing on the ceiling and walls of the mastering room, you will see some of his earliest masterpieces. Soon after the studio was constructed, Chuck interned alongside many talented engineers and producers, picking up techniques and tricks from some of the top names in the business; including his dad João. Soon afterward, solo mastering duties began and it was clear the boy-wonder had a knack for making great sounding audio. A streak of critically acclaimed artists soon found themselves working with Chuck: The Tragically Hip, Alexisonfire, Pilate, Gregory Hoskins, Danny Michel, The Toronto Symphony Orchestra. All at such a young age... and of course it wouldn't stop there. Chuck began working alongside audio design guru Dave Miller of Airfield Audio and hand wired and assembled the famed Airfield Liminators which he continues to do til this day. With this acquired electrical knowledge, Chuck dove head first "quite literally" into Revolution Recording's coveted Neve console, helping bring it back to its original glory before the opening of Revolution Recording studios in 2011. At this point, what does a young man have left to do? Wiring race cars perhaps? Getting in tight with the ChumpCar racing series, Charles now dabbles in auto racing already being a top qualifier in Formula 2000 race times. When will the boy stop!! So whether it's mastering records, recording bands, building studios, repairing a vital piece of gear or racing cars, it's quite possible that Chuck is your man. We said before, Chuck knows what to do, what not to do and, most importantly, how to get the it done right. Oh and don't worry, he vehemently wears hearing protection when in his race car.
Welcome Home 1997-2007Death LetterSilversteinBeauty LivesSongs from a Gypsy CaravanThe Tragically HipWayward Satallite
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Stephen Stepanic

Stephen Stepanic was totally hooked after cutting his first record at the age of sixteen on sixteen track analog. While earning an Honours Degree in psychology at The University of Western Ontario in 1993, he never stopped working with bands and recording.

Post university led to a degree earned at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART) in 1994, where, he finished at the top of his class. Stephen then landed a job at Digital Music Studios in 1995 working under MIke Jones where he gained valuable experience as a second engineer. Stephen moved on to the legendary Manta Eastern Sound studios in 1998, the exciting start of his mastering career. Here he worked with such artist as Beyonce (Desntiny's Child) and Billy Ray Cyrus.

Stephen continued immersing himself into the mastering sand box, and, decided the next logical step was a productive ten year stint working freelance. In 2010, Stephen had taken the head engineer position at Grayson Matthews Music + Sound which led to mastering work on sound tracks for Hockey Night in Canada and music for the feature film Art of the Steal (TIFF 2013), and countless commercial works. In 2014 the pull of freelance had returned. This is where Stephen is today, functioning as one of Toronto’s busiest freelance engineers, and, also continuing proudly as senior mastering engineer with joaocarvalhomastering.
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Mike Marra

Mike first joined João Carvalho Mastering in early 2012 apprenticing as a freelance mastering engineer while still working, at his then company, Elite Mastering.

In late 2013 Mike moved into a mastering engineer position joining the JCM team. In addition to being a lifelong music buff, audiophile and musician, Mike obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Ryerson University in Toronto while continuing his education studying the art of critical listening and mastering at Berklee College of Music.

Mike's passion for audio and music along with his ongoing mastering sessions and studies has placed Mike in an excellent position poised for great success in the future at JCM. Mike feels equally at home working on a wide variety of musical genres including, but not limited to, electronic, dance, hip-hop, indie/alternative, pop, rock, country, jazz or R&B. Whatever project comes Mike's way, it is treated with taste, an intuitive and sympathetic ear and the utmost in care to bring out the best in a recording.

Artists mastered by Mike include: Allouria Sun, Chase Reason, Dani Rosenoer, Dr. Draw, Everyone’s Talking, Konqistador, PsyCoPath, Mariannie Ompoc and Mighty Big Word.
Angel Like YouMobbingAllouria SunDr. DrawAloneEveryoneSuadaDani RosenoerSavouryAvengers
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Dan Weston

Dan has come a long way since tinkering with cassette recorders, putting anything to tape he possibly could. After graduating from Recording Arts Canada & Fanshawe College as well as a stint interning at the iconic Metalworks Studios, Weston dove into work with an array of artists, amassing as much experience as possible.

His credits currently include work with JUNO and GRAMMY Award winners like rappers Classified, Shad, Maestro Fresh Wes, Flo Rida as well as velvet-voiced singer-songwriter City and Colour. Other notable collaborators include, B.o.B, Daniel Romano, Living With Lions, Sirah, WondaGurl, Sonreal, Paper Lions, Kevin Gates, Attack In Black, and others.

As of late, Weston has been honing his skills in the mastering process. “I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best mastering engineers in North America as a mixer. It has given me a concrete idea of what mastering should and shouldn't be... knowing when to dig in and bring a song to life and when to let things speak for themselves.” he explains, emphasizing the excitement that’s elicited from bringing a fresh set if ears to a project. Having worked with acclaimed producers like GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against the Machine), Detail (Lil Wayne, Beyonce), Rich Kidd (Drake, Talib Kweli), and Walter Schreifels (Hot Water Music, Title Fight) and mixed everything from country to hip-hop to metal to dance, Weston has a wide pool of experience from which to draw and is comfortable in pretty much any musical setting.
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